Development Cooperation Handbook/Designing and Managing Projects/Project Planning Tools

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Tools for Project Origination[edit | edit source]

Project origination: when someone has an idea and proposes a project that can help to achieve the objectives of a programme; more in ⇒ Project origination

Template for Project business case
Template for List of all proposed solutions
Checklist for approval of Project Business Case
Template for Decision on allocating organizational resources for developing a project plan

Tools for Project Initiation[edit | edit source]

Project initiation stage: when the project idea is discussed with other stakeholders like partners, sponsors, beneficiaries, and decisions are taken with regard to the number, the nature and the quality of the project outputs. more in ⇒ Project initiation stage

Project Initiation Kick-off Meeting Agenda
Project Stakeholder Analysis Template
Scheme of the logical correspondence among identified problems, proposed solutions, expected outcomes and contractual outputs of a project
The Scope Statement Template
Guideline: How to write a scope statement
Project Snapshot
Checklist for the Internal approval of the project

Tools for Project Detailed planning[edit | edit source]

Detailed Planning or design stage comprises all the activities required in order to make sure that there is a consensus amongst all stakeholders about project activities and methodologies and there are adequate resources allocated to the project activities. More in ⇒ Detailed Planning

Template for Project stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities
Project Stakeholder Responsibility Matrix
Template: Project Management plan
Template: Risk Management Plan
Template: Project team training plan
Template: Project Communication Plan
Action plan
Project Resource Sheet
Human Resource Plan
Action Plan with Resource Usage
Communication Plan
Logical Framework
The project Plan Document
Guideline: How to prepare a detailed project plan document

Evaluation of the Project Plan[edit | edit source]

Project Decision Process Checklist
Project Planning Process Report
Project Plan Evaluation Checklist
Worksheet for Project Auditing and Review