Development Cooperation Handbook/Designing and Executing Projects/Communication Management/Addressing Resistance/Addressing the Belief that the Project will fail

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One of the primary causes of resistance is the belief that action will fail.

Consider the following strategies for addressing resistance based on the fear of failure:

  • Ask for and listen to their concerns
  • Discover if their facts and fears are accurate and complete
  • Determine if their beliefs are based on accurate information—they could be based on rumors
  • Provide additional information to correct mistaken or inaccurate beliefs
  • Offer more accurate interpretations of facts, even if the truth hurts
  • Ask for suggestions to help make the action feel more successful
  • Ask how you can help them implement change
  • Encourage them to focus on the positive while addressing the reality of your situation
  • Ask for their support in making the action work and thank them for what they have already done
  • Express confidence in their ability to implement action successfully.
  • Ask how you can help them implement action
  • Follow through on agreements reached to improve the situation