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Independently, all consonants are written with a हलन्त or विराम (i.e. a '\' underneath). When a vowel is attached to a consonant, the हलन्त is removed.

Consonants in alphabetical order[edit]

In Devanagari, the placement of consonants in alphabetical order are horizontally grouped in accordance with the body part where their sounds originate from.

Plosive Nasal
Voiceless Voiced
Unaspirated Aspirated Unaspirated Aspirated
velar क् ख् ग् घ् ङ्
palatal च् छ् ज् झ् ञ्
cerebral/retroflex ट् ठ् ड् ढ् ण्
dental त् थ् द् ध् न्
labial प् फ् ब् भ् म्
half-vowels/sonorants य् र् ल् व्
sibilants श् ष् स्
empty aspirant ह् ळ्

The corresponding row for the letters (or any letter in a row) from क् to म् can be individually referenced by the first member of the row suffixed by "अवर्ग्".


The line त् थ् द् ध् न् can be referenced as त वर्ग.