Design of Jigs & Fixtures/Types of Jig and Fixtures

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In simplest terms, jig and fixture are production equipment that can be used to produce duplicate parts with consistent quality. However, these two terms jigs and fixtures are used interchangeably in manufacturing plants . To clear up any confusion, we will clarify it here.
Jigs is known as equipment that holds down a workpiece for required machining purposes
Fixtures is known as equipment that is used to locate the workpiece for required machining purposes

Jigs and fixtures used in production line have one or more characteristics as listed below:
Locating Element The workpieces position are accurately position with respect to tool guiding or setting elements in fixtures
Clamping Elements The workpieces are held securely in located position during operations

Type of jigs[edit]

  1. Closed Jig
  2. Plate Jig
  3. Sandwich Jig
  4. Angle plate jig
  5. Box Jig
  6. Channel Jig
  7. Trunnion Jig
  8. Pump Jig
  9. Indexing Jig
  10. Template jig

Type of fixtures[edit]

  1. Plate Fixture
  2. Vise Jaw Fixture
  3. Indexing Fixture
  4. Multistation Fixture
  5. Duplex Fixture
  6. Profiling Fixture