Design of Jigs & Fixtures/Clamping

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Clamping devices : Some kind of clamping device is an essential part of both jigs and fixtures. Clamping may be simple or complex, but it must fulfill the essential design requirements. Essential Design Requirements:

  1. The clamping device must hold the work-piece rigidity against all disturbing forces.
  2. It should also keep the work-piece firmly in contact with locating pins on surface.
  3. The time require to loosen the clamp on the work-piece and tighten it again on the next piece should be minimum.
  4. The clamping device when subjected to vibrations or heavy pressure must be positive and should not disport or loosen.
  5. The clamp while holding the work-piece should not damage it. Thick section should be chosen for bearing clamping forces.
  6. Placement of nut or hand wheel should be such as to control the amount of pressure to be exerted on the workpiece.
  7. The movement of the screw, lever or cam of the clamping device whether of the rotary or reciprocating type should be strictly limited to make the device quick acting.