Design Patterns for CS Education/Design Patterns/Training for lightweight teams-icebreaker

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Training for lightweight teams-icebreaker[edit | edit source]

Pattern Name

Training for Lightweight Teams: Ice Breaker

Problem: Students need learn how to behave efficiently in lightweight teams

Level (any)

Semester (any)

Activity type (any)

Solution: Assign students to groups and then have them work on a simple real-life (something they all know such as how to cook scrambled egg) problem to determine the steps.

Assign students to be moderator and time-keeper. Also, specify the time to finish the task.

Formation (random)

Size (small)

Composition (any)

Duration (single class, topic based)

Contribution to grade (small)

Activity progression ( individual to group )

Roles (task specific)

Rationale: Before solving a tough problem in a team setting, people first need to experience solving an easy problem to learn the team format.
Potential Pitfalls: Group size should be within 3-5 to prevent too many cooks spoiling the egg.