Design Patterns for CS Education/Design Patterns/Peer instruction

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Peer instruction

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Pattern Name

Peer Instruction

Problem: Some of the students learn the course content better and faster than other students.

Or Students learn better from the peers by try and error than from the instructor.

Level (any)

Semester (any)

Activity type (any

Solution: Group the students in pairs and offer them several problems to solve.

Formation (any)

Size (pairs, small)

Composition (any)

Duration (single class, topic based)

Contribution to grade (small)

Activity progression (group to individual, individual to group)

Roles (equal responsibility)

Rationale: The students can benefit from each other's idea and learn about broader perspectives and communicate with other students.

A sense of collaborative competition will encourage them to think more critically and in depth about the topics.

Potential Pitfalls: A misunderstood concept being conveyed from one student to his peer without being aware.