Design Patterns for CS Education/Design Patterns/Lightweight teams for final exam prep

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Lightweight teams for final exam prep

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Pattern Name

Lightweight Teams for Final Exam Prep

Problem: Students always want/need guidance for final exams. It is difficult for the teacher to completely reiterate the entire semester. Student’s need a way to share knowledge, discuss what might be on the final, with a new perspective.

Level (any)

Semester (any)

Activity type: (any)

Solution: Assign new lightweight teams prior to the final exam. Students are provided with a question bank/study guide and work through them with the new lightweight group.

Formation (random, self-selected)

Size (any)

Composition (any)

Duration (NA)

Contribution to grade (NA)

Activity progression (group to individual, individual to group)

Roles (equal responsibility)

Rationale: By working with a new lightweight group prior to the final, they are provided with fresh eyes/perspective on the different topics. This allows them to share their different strengths
Potential Pitfalls: Students may resist changing the lightweight group membership. It assumes there is a large enough question bank/study guide to work through.