Design Patterns for CS Education/Design Patterns/Forming lightweight teams

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Pattern Name

Forming Lightweight Teams

Problem: Forming the groups in lightweight teams is a challenge for the instructor

Level (any)

Semester (any)

Activity type: (any)

Solution: Based on the results of a survey instructor will form diverse groups determined by gender, ethnicity, age, major, and background.

Formation (prescribed)

Size ( small)

Composition (any)

Duration (any)

Contribution to grade (NA)

Activity progression (NA )

Roles (equal responsibility)

Rationale: Students should not self-assign. They will tend to form groups that are too similar. The formation of diverse groups will have two benefits (1) students will interact with peers who look different from them and who have had different experiences; and (2) no students will feel disenfranchised.
Potential Pitfalls: Not having enough number of diverse students to group them.