De-chroming chromebooks/Flashing Tutorials/Acer C710

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Flashing_stock_firmware_to_a_coreboot_build|bridge and developer mode

  1. To remove C710 back cover:
    1. Undo 1 screw under warranty sticker. Motherboard Diagram
    2. Slide battery removal latch and hold.
    3. Remove battery.
    4. Release battery removal latch.
    5. Push back cover away from battery until free.
  2. To bridge hardware write-protect jumper: Write protect jumper
    • Your write-protect jumper may be under a black plastic tab (not present on C710-842G32ii). You will need to remove this for the next step.
    • Carefully fold a 12 inch piece of tin foil and wedge it between the 2 pins of the write-protect jumper, closing the circuit, making sure it is secure.
  3. Replace back cover, battery, connect AC power source and boot into ChromeOS.
  4. If you're not already in developer mode (You are if you see the OS verification warning at boot.):
    1. Hold Escape+Refresh(F3) and press the power button.
    2. Hit Ctrl+D at the Recovery screen. Confirm.
  5. Repeat Step 5 & remove tin foil inserted in Step 6.
  6. Replace back cover, battery and insert bootable USB stick created in Step 3 and power up the C710.