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The Religion associated Ganareth is fairly complicated for MMORPGs.

gods[edit | edit source]

Gothar[edit | edit source]

Gothar cannot be chosen as a diety.

Gothar is the god of creation, the origin of everything. He created Ganareth, and gave it the sun, to repel darkness for eternity. Then, he gave birth to nine gods, born from his essence.

Ysatis[edit | edit source]

Ysatis is Gothar’s first creation, first child and the mother of life on Ganareth. On the day when gods asked their creator to offer each of them a race that would worship and obey them as they worshipped and obeyed Gothar, the god of gods granted Ysatis the hard task of creating the rite of life creation.

Agnar[edit | edit source]

The second of Gotahr’s sons, Agnar is the master of death, Ysatis’ logical and necessary counterpart. The reaper is one of the cruelest and deceitful gods in Ganareth pantheon, and he never did anything to prove people wrong about it.

Zephyr[edit | edit source]

Zephyr is Gothar’s third son. Born from his breath, he rules over traveling since the beginning. When the time came to create the race that would worship him, he created the Orcs: strong, resilient, and able to stand against the hardships of a nomad’s life in great deserts.

Hydra[edit | edit source]

When Gothar created Hydra, he wanted her to be the mistress of waters, but the oceans he had created seemed too large for the new goddess. He took the oceans for him, and gave Hydra a kingdom of islands and waters.

Neutra[edit | edit source]

Neutra is one of the strangest divinities in Ganareth pantheon, and one of the hardest to grasp. An androgynous god/goddess, she has always remained perfectly neutral in most conflicts on Ganareth since it was created.

Malecta[edit | edit source]

Malecta is Gothar’s sixth creation, and probably the one he unleashed most of his wrath upon. As the gods were fighting for power and supremacy over Ganareth, Malecta sowed Freïa to reap the souls.

Hel[edit | edit source]

The seventh of Gothar’s sons, Hel is certainly one of the gods who displays his power in the most obvious ways. Born of Gothar’s strength, master of lightning, Hel knows no master. He is independent and proud, and although faithful to his friends, he gives them no influence upon his actions.

Calder[edit | edit source]

The eighth creature born from Gothar, Calder draws his essence from his creator’s intelligence. The god of gods knew what he did when he created this divinity. Calder has always been a secretive and cruel god.

Aesir[edit | edit source]

Aesir is the last goddess Gothar created, the youngest of the nine gods. Yet, during the whole history of the world, she was his most dedicated and faithful child.