Dark and Light/Races/Humans

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Humans started off as guardians and builders of the finest cities. Now you can find them in almost every corner of the Ganareth world, where of all the people, they are the most populous. From a blissful marriage of humans and elves, the half-elf race was born. A very different kind of union brought the half-trolls and half-orcs into being.

Gender M/F
Alignment Dark or Light
Size 1.70m to 1.90m

Initial Stat Costs:

Stat Start Value Initial Cost
Str 12 6
Con 10 6
Dex 10 6
Qui 10 6
Int 12 6
Wis 10 6
Cha 10 6

Maximum Run Speed 25km/h – this is average

Classes available: All classes are available to Humans

Way of life: Humans have a special status, the same as Half Elves: they are a jack of all trades and can become agnostics. The Human race is the most common and widespread race on Ganareth. This race built many colossal structures and has a strong reputation as builders. Finally, and most importantly, Humans were the only ones able to mate with other races during the Dark Ages.