Dark and Light/Races/Dark Elves

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Through their use of necromantic magic, shadow elves have rejected the ancient ideals of the elvish people. After being driven underground for long ages, they are now spread out over the lands, although they still live under cover. They owe their powerful magical abilities to their great intelligence. Over the ages, they have also developed extremely effective stealth techniques.

Gender M/F
Alignment Dark
Size 1.60m to 1.80m

Initial Stat Costs:

Stat Start Value Initial Cost
Str 12 7
Con 10 7
Dex 10 5
Qui 10 6
Int 12 4
Wis 10 5
Cha 10 7

Maximum Run Speed 25km/h - this is average

Classes available:

Way of life: Dark Elves were forced to hide in caves after being banished by Wood Elves for supporting a destructive form of magic, opposed to Elven principles of life. This secluded life had an impact on their bodies and turned their skin to the color of dark night: a natural adaptation for a people who were forced to live in perpetual semi-obscurity.

Dark Elves hate Wood Elves for what they forced upon them, but they hate High Elves even more since they supported another form of magic, a constructive one, but were never banished for this. High Elves and Dark Elves were faced, once again, when starting to gather crystals. Each of these people chose an opposite way: Dark Elves would use Dark crystals only, and High Elves would use Light crystals only. This choice is the moment when both races became different, from then on permanently so.