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To be completed.

DFL (D Forms Library) is a Win32 windowing library designed by Christopher E. Miller for the D language.

Maybe, there will be a linux and xBSD versions as well.

Licence is unknown so far.

Simple DFL Example[edit | edit source]

import dfl.all;
int main()
   Form myForm;
   Label myLabel;

   myForm = new Form;
   myForm.text = "DFL Example";

   myLabel = new Label;
   myLabel.font = new Font("Verdana", 14f);
   myLabel.text = "Hello, DFL World!";
   myLabel.location = Point(15, 15);
   myLabel.autoSize = true;
   myLabel.parent = myForm;


   return 0;

Dfl: Core library modules[edit | edit source]

See[edit | edit source]

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