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Lesson 3: Intro to Functions[edit | edit source]

In this lesson, you see more of functions, which were used back in Lesson 1. If you are already familiar with another C-like language, you only need to skim this over.

Introductory Code[edit | edit source]

import std.stdio;

int watch_tv(int first_watched, int then_watched, string channel = "The PHBOS Channel")
    writefln("Finished watching %s.", channel);
    return first_watched + then_watched;

int commercials(int minutes)
    writefln("Watching %s minutes of commercials.", minutes);
    return minutes;

int cartoons(int minutes)
    writefln("Watching %s minutes of cartoons.", minutes);
    return minutes;

void main()
    auto minutesoftv = watch_tv(commercials(10), cartoons(30));
    writeln(minutesoftv, " minutes of TV watched!");

  Watching 10 minutes of commercials.
  Watching 30 minutes of cartoons.
  Finished watching The PHBOS Channel.
  40 minutes of TV watched!

Concepts[edit | edit source]

Functions[edit | edit source]

Functions allow you to write more organized code. With functions, you can write some code once, and then call it whenever you need to use that code.

Function Syntax[edit | edit source]

Let's take a look at the syntax:

return_type name_of_function(arg1type arg1, arg2type arg2)
    // function body code here
    return something;