Cyber Guide to ODU Career Management/Get Oriented/How we do it

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On Campus Recruiting (OCR) Scheduling/Information Sessions Process[edit | edit source]

1) Contact received from Employer (either by Cynthia or Liaison/Senior Staff Member): Based on room availability, Cynthia will schedule a date for the OCR Info Sessions or Interviewing Sessions.

2) Cynthia will determine based on major or specific position posted, who will be the appropriate liaison to be assigned as POC for marketing and coordination of event. If there is doubt as to what majors or who should be assigned, Cynthia will consult with me or one of the liaisons as available for guidance.

3) Cynthia will send an email memo to the assigned liaison letting them know of the employer/date scheduled and contact info.

4) The assigned liaison will then be responsible for the marketing and coordination of the event as appropriate and will respond to Cynthia's email within 3 working days that the process has started and who is the POC from their college/area.

5) Cynthia will then send a confirmation email to the employer to indicate the date and designated POC.

6) Cynthia will contact the designated POC 5 working days to ensure that all logistics and preparations for the event are set.

7) Cynthia will contact the employer 1-2 working days prior to the event to make sure they have parking passes, directions, etc.