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Core Business/Point of Main Effort[edit | edit source]

EXPERIENCE - How to get it and how to use it.

Our Vision is based upon:

1. University’s direction – President’s initiative to increase enrollment on campus and at distant education sites through technology plus operating 12 months a year and the current strategic plan

3. CMC’s Mission Statement – To provide exceptional academically and professionally related employment services

3. The three R’s of Higher Education Administration – Recruitment, Retention and Return

Core Values: • Customer Service • Integrity • Dependability • Teamwork • Accountability • Productivity


To become a national leader in our field by developing and providing exceptional academically and professionally related employment services for students, alumni and employers.

CMC will provide exceptional academically and professionally related employment services that are:

Inclusive – on campus, commuter, and teletechnet students; alumni regionally, nationally, and internationally; faculty, administrators and employers

Pro-active – increase satellite offices on campus, electronically connect to all ODU Centers, Teletechnet sites, community college career centers, targeted high school websites and newly admitted students

High Tech – Provide all CMC services electronically both synchronous and asynchronously to all client populations

Pre-eminent – provide “Top of Mind” resource for university level employment information in the region and at community colleges and targeted high schools throughout the state.

How Vision fits into Broader University Strategic Mission

Supports growth of university by providing services to more clients while maintaining a reasonable staffing level year around through the use of technology.

Will aid in the recruitment of students through early access to employment information both undergraduate and graduate.

Will aid in the retention of students through innovative management of work-study funds, and increased availability of part time jobs, coop and internship positions.

Will increase the return to the university by tuition and FTE credit generation and by providing post graduation employment services to new graduates and ALL alumni, enhancing the probability of success in future development efforts.

Specifically addresses the internal and external constituents listed in the University Mission Support section of the University Catalog.

Specifically provides for delivery of employment related information and services regionally, nationally and internationally “across time and geographic boundaries”.

Specifically addresses serving as a Pre-eminent source of information to local business and governmental institutions.

Specifically addresses, for the first time in the university’s history, the delivery of full employment services to all alumni no matter when the graduated or where they are in the world.

How Vision fits into the current Strategic Planning process

This vision specifically speaks to goals 1, 4, 5, and 6 of the current strategic plan guidance.

Our strategy to achieve our mission and vision is to be DIRECT.

D - Directive CMC staff, programs and services proactively point the way for clients.

I - Intentional CMC programs and services are inter-related and flow with purpose from one to the other.

R - Relevant CMC provides current information that is technically accurate and timely delivered in the client’s preferred mode of learning and means of reception

E - Exceptional CMC staff, programs and services exceed expectations routinely.

C - Creative CMC programs and services are innovative, artistic, multi-sensory and participatory.

T - Technologically advanced CMC provides just the right content, at just the right time, for just the right person on just the right device, at any time or in any place.

CMC is your DIRECT link to your future

POP = Problem, Observation, Plan[edit | edit source]

CMC Keys for Decision Making

CMC Mission Statement: We provide students and alumni with exceptional academically and professionally related employment services.

Vision Statement: To become a national leader in our field by developing and providing exceptional academically and professionally related employment services for students, alumni and employers

Three “R’s” of Higher Education:


E.D.’s Intent is for CMC to become:

  The Predominant Career Center in Hampton Roads
  The Pre-eminent Career Center in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  A Career Center of National and International note

CMC Strategic Plan

CMC Goals and Objectives

Individual Goals and Objectives