Cyber Guide to ODU Career Management/Get Hands-On/Best Practices

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Assessment/Evaluation Review[edit | edit source]

Establish criteria (potentially a checklist) to gauge Activity, Satisfaction, and Outcomes of our programs and services. Rather than jumping in and editing our evaluations, focus on desired results first...

Service Learning Opportunities/CMC Involvement[edit | edit source]

As we begin to look at incorporating service learning into the UNIV curriculum, we can become involved in CMC-wide service projects. One suggestion is to take a work day or a work afternoon and work as a team on a project within the community. An example is to do yardwork at an elementary school, maybe one of the schools we partner with (Andrea's programs)

Parent Involvement/Opportunities[edit | edit source]

Develop a parent volunteer group Publish a parent newsletter in which parents can subscribe if they wish Maintain a parent listserve to keep parents updated on CMC activities Remember that parents can also be our employers - this is another way for us to network