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Interview with "The Fridge"[edit]

Are you known as 'the Fridge' because you are a kewl programmer?[edit]

When last time I had a temperature I wasn't so kewl. I think Fridge is the transcription of the German word "Fritte" (like potato chips) which is my nickname in Germany.

Is Curl evolutionary or revolutionary?[edit]

This binary question is not so easily answered. Curl is of course evolutionary because there have been other programming languages before. It wouldn't be the MIT if they hadn't learnt from previous mistakes. On the other hand Curl comes with a revolutionary license policy. Don't ask for details the answer might take months.

What is your favourite piece of Curl programming? Hint: try and include curlchat[edit]

I would say the "Hello World" program, as it nicely shows how markup language is integrated in the object-oriented programming language. There are also some really good applications around, most of them are not available on the net but have a look a for example and you will know what I mean.

Can Curl be used for programming mobile phones or PDA's?[edit]

No, not yet. If the Asian market produces enough revenue there might be a possibility that Curl is ported to these devices.

Why is your baby son a worshipped deity?[edit]

I don't understand the question.

How does Curl fit in with the Semantic Web?[edit]

Oh, a technical question. Curl is great in collection information and preparing them in a sensible way. Yes, Curl programs can give meaning to a arbitrary sets of data retrieved from different sources.

What is your connection to alchemy and time travel?[edit]

Yesterday, I was working with Curl version 4.2 that was released in 1992. But unfortunately, I was already so rich (look at all these gold nuggets on my desk) that I couldn't to see the ingenuity of the release.

Why are you so keen on Curl?[edit]

Because. Do you really want a personal answer?