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Croatian language has 7 cases: nominativ, genitiv, dativ, akuzativ, vokativ, lokativ, instrumental.

e.g. mačka (cat)

Nominative: mačka

Genitive : mačke

Dativ : mački

Akuzativ : mačku

Vokativ : mačko

Lokativ : (o) mački

Instrumental : (s) mačkom

More About Cases

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Nominative: The subject of a clause is in the nominative.

Genitive: The genitive expresses possession. This case is also used after certain prepositions.

Dative: Indirect objects take the dative. The dative is also used in certain other expressions.

Accusative: The direct object of a clause is put into the accusative. Also, the objects of certain prepositions take the accusative. Verbs of motion take the accusative.

Vocative: The vocative is sometimes used when addressing people directly.

Locative: The locative indicates location, and is used to describe position with such prepositions as na and u.

Instrumental: The instrumental is used with prepostions s (with).

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