Croatian/Main Contents/Level 2/Lesson 5

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Gdje-Kamo- Kuda??[edit]

Gdje*-where Kamo -where to Kuda-which way

Examples : Gdje si ?- Where are you ?

Possible answers:

U Orebiću sam. -I am in Orebić.

Kod kuće sam. - I am home.

U kafiću sam. - I am in the bar.

Kamo ideš? -Where are you going to?

Possible answers:

  • Idem kući.- I go home.
  • Idem u Zagreb.-I go to Zagreb.
  • Idem na obalu.-I go on the coast.

Kuda ideš?- In which you go? Possible answers:

Idem preko šume.-I go over the forest. I go via highway. Idem preko autoceste.

Developed form these pronouns:

  • negdje-somewhere
  • nigdje-nowhere
  • svugdje, svagdje-everywhere
  • igdje , bilo gdje-anywhere
  • nekamo-to somewhere, to some place
  • nikamo—to nowhere
  • ikamo ,bilo kamo- to anywhere
  • nekuda-in some direction
  • nikuda-in no direction
  • bilo kuda, ikuda- in any direction

Note:In spoken language gdje (and its derivatives ) is very rarely used. Instead of them are used dialectical forms. di-most widespread

  • đe
  • kadi
  • gdi