Croatian/Main Contents/Level 1/Lesson 8

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Sister: Sestra

Brother: Brat

Mother: Majka

Father: Otac

Mom: Mama

Dad: Tata

Aunt: Tetka, teta (father's or mother's sister), strina (father's brother's wife), ujna (mother's brother's wife)

Uncle: Ujak (mother's brother), stric (father's brother), tetak (uncle-in-law)

Cousin (female): Sestrična

Cousin (male): Bratić

Grandmother: Baka (usually) or Baba (Note: Calling your grandmother baba can be considered rude since it can also mean something like old hag. However, it is used daily in some parts of the Western Balkans)

Grandma: Baka

Grandfather: Djed

Grandpa: Djedica (It's usually called just djed, or dida and deda)

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