Croatian/Main Contents/Level 1/Lesson 5

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Months in Croatian usually have names of actions or things used in that month. The Roman names AREN'T used in Croatian language. All the traditional names come from Common Slavic and are attested in other Slavic languages.

Month: Mjesec (also means moon)

January: Siječanj (Sječa means cutting)

February: Veljača

March: Ožujak

April: Travanj (Trava means grass)

May: Svibanj (Sviba means dog wood)

June: Lipanj (Lipa means linden tree)

July: Srpanj (Srp means sickle)

August: Kolovoz (Kolo means cart wheel and voz means ride)

September: Rujan (Ruj means sumach)

October: Listopad (list means leaf and pad means fall)

November: Studeni (Studen means chilly)

December: Prosinac (pro + siniti: to become thoroughly blue. (Sin is the old word for dark blue.)

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