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Questions are formed by by using a question word such as "how," "what", and other question words, as in English. The question word is always positioned at the start of a sentence.

There's a stress on the words so you know how to pronounce them. It's never used in any writing.

Question Words

[edit | edit source]
English Croatian
How? Kàko?
What? Štȍ?
Why? Zȁšto? (lit. For what?)
When? Kȁd? or Kàda?
Where? Gdjȅ?
Who? Tkȍ?
Which? Kòjī?
Since when? òtkad? or "òtkada?
Where from? òtkuda?, ȍdākle?
Where to? Kȁmo?
Which way? Kȕd? or "kùda?

"Yes" or "No" Questions

[edit | edit source]

Questions expecting a "yes" or "no" answer are created in a slightly different way. Most frequently li is added after the verb. As in the case with the questions words, the sequence "verb + li" is at the beginning of the sentence.

For example:

English Croatian
Is he sleeping? Spáva li ôn?

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