Creative Writing in the EFL Classroom/Teaching Ideas/Creating a Text (Story) from Words from Other Texts

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Creating a Text (Story) from Words from Other Texts[edit | edit source]

There are stories within stories, texts within texts.

  • Level: Pre-intermediate to Advanced
  • Aim: To create a story using words or phrases from the other story
  • Rationale: There are stories within stories. Random words or phrases from other stories such as short stories, textbooks, or lecture notes can help us create another story based on our imagination.

We can create a story based on the words or phrases we randomly selected from the other story.

  • Materials: Notebook or note pad, pencils or pens
  • Procedure:
  1. Randomly select words or phrases from stories or reading passages. For example, select every seventh word from the text. Set the target number, say, 10.
  2. Construct a story based on the words selected.
  3. Share the story with other students.
  • Variations

This activity can be modified to cover other skills.