Creative Writing in the EFL Classroom/Teaching Ideas/Creating a Story from Photos/Pictures

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Creating a Story from Photos/Pictures[edit | edit source]

  • Level: Beginners to Advanced Learners
  • Aim: To create a story using pictures/photos

  • Rationale: A picture tells stories. There are stories within stories. Pictures or photos are effective materials that can help students create stories and apply their imagination.

We can create a story based on pictures or photographs.

  • Materials: Notebook or note pad, pencils or pens, photos or pictures from printed materials such newspapers or magazines
  • Procedure:
  1. Prepare photos or pictures.
  2. Ask students to construct a story based on the stimuli (pictures)
  3. Plots or words may be provided to support their writing
  4. Share the story with other students.
  • Variations

This activity can be modified to cover other skills.