Create Vampires/Scientific Evidence For Vampires

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Scientific Evidence For Vampires

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Are there people, Scientist, who argue for the actual existence of vampires?
Is there evidence that supports their claims?

Online, many readers can access information about Porphyria, also known as the "vampire disease."
From tales of people living with, and finding treatments for their "vampire disease," to horrific stories told about actual people
who became victims of grave-robbers, people who were exposed to a unknown drug that left them in coma-like states of unconsciousness, stiff and unable
to respond to their close relatives. These grave tales generate fear in people, and lingering doubt in the ability of trained Medical professionals who,
according to stories, seem to not know how to properly use a mirror to determine if a person is breathing, and thus alive and unconscious, or is non-breathing, thus dead, having taken their final breath, having met their final hour.

Although Scientific evidence for people with both mental, and physical "vampire-related" diseases accumulated rapidly in the early 1980s, the Scientific
classification for particular drugs that cause stiff, deep unconscious states, are less know and currently not popular in the public domain.

Link: Create_Vampires/Scientific_Evidence_Against_Vampirism