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Original Fictional Creations

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                                                          HISTORY AND FOLKLORE

History, meaning inquiry, or knowledge acquired from the past by investigation, may stem from Greek historia, according to Wikipedia.
History is related to folklore, yet is essentially different. Folklore are stories about a particular culture, yet
Folklore, and similar legends, are told from a subjective perspective, and are not validated by external sources.

Folklore and legends are classified as cultural heritage. History is not myth, mainly for reasons that involve telling a story about events that have happened in the past, and then gathering supporting evidence used to validate one's history.

The study of History is a major discipline in academic fields.

The nature of the vampire shifted from folklore stories, that often contained warnings, to mutated stories about pale monsters and occult-ish blood lettings.

It is as if the horrific stories about the tragic events that happened to some people, horror stories that were traditionally passed orally from person to person, started to pass culturally from one region to another region, finally emerging from the author's imagination in tangible, written form, vastly distorted, yet eerily relevant, with the mysterious ability to capture the imagination of young readers.

Imaginative young readers today, could greatly benefit from Creative Writing classes offered in many Public High Schools.

Creative writing classes are controversial classes in academia, yet in general, helpful to students in public schools. Creative writing programs are developing. In many public schools, creative writing classes are related to Language classes, and Art classes.

Creative writing is not a discipline in academic fields.

Create Vampire is a free wikibook intended as a guide, and as a non-fictional resource for people fascinated by vampires and similar monsters!

TIP: Before creating a vampire character, you could ask yourself if you want your vampire to reflect stories based in Folklore, gathered from events that happened to actual people, or you may prefer to create a vampire from your imagination. Perhaps a imaginary creation who possesses non-human traits?

                                                            Create Vampires? 

In a world where people desire to make a lot of money, in the shortest amount of time.
In a world where bank robbery is illegal, yet grave-robbery is not...?
In a world populated by individuals who seemed ruled by greed, vampires and other monsters are sometimes spoken into some tangible, often frightening existence.

If we exist in a world where characters could be spoken into existence, and allowed to linger in unusual fields bound and un-bound... If characters could linger, losing human characteristics and form, linger like ghost populating flat white spaces, if characters could attain atypical motion, yet exist like zombies without the ability to reason, or exist like demons without kindness, or exist like vampires, with constant hunger, sharing kindness with the hungry ghost who linger with desires to be fed, if such empty planes were populated by hungry, unreasoning, lingering atypical creations, mere works of the imagination, would their monster's tale be worthy of note?
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