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Alternative Spellings[edit | edit source]

What Is The Best Way To Spell Vampire?

The common English spelling for vampire seems to be v-a-m-p-i-r-e.
A less common English (or American-English) spelling alternative is spelled v-a-m-p-y-r-e.
Vampire is not considered a phonetic word, meaning the word is not spelled the way it is pronounced.
Although people are not certain why we spell vampire in a manner that is inconsistent with how the word "vampire" is pronounced, some people think this is because the word "vampire" is a foreign word.

According to, the word orgin for vampire is commonly attributed to a French derivative from German vampir. This word may also be linked with Turkish uber witch, and Russian upyr vampire. " Vampire"

In America, a country with many Latin American influences, the word "vampire" is sometimes phonetically spelled: v-a-m-p-a-i-y-e-r [Vam-Pai-Yer]. Although this maybe considered Spanglish, meaning a combination of English and Spanish language influences, the word "vampaiyer" is similar to "vampiro," the Spanish version for "vampire."
According to, the word "vampire," a noun, has a masculine form "el vampiro," and a feminine form "la vampira." " vampiro