Cookbook:Veal Gravy Soup

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Cookbook | Ingredients | Recipes Veal gravy soup is a soup made from veal.

This page incorporates text from the public domain 1881 Household Cyclopedia.



  1. Garnish the bottom of the stewpan with thin pieces of lard, then a few slices of ham, slices of veal cutlet, sliced onions, carrots, parsnips, celery, a few cloves upon the meat, and a spoonful of broth.
  2. Soak it on the fire in this manner till the veal throws out its juice; then put it on a stronger fire, till the meat catches to the bottom of the pan, and is brought to a proper color.
  3. Then add a sufficient quantity of light broth, and simmer it on a slow fire till the meat is thoroughly done; add a little thyme and mushrooms.
  4. Skim and sift it clear for use.