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Roselle leaves

Roselle is a variety of hibiscus native to western and central Africa and naturalized in Asia and the West Indies. The leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits/calyxes are all edible.

Names[edit | edit source]

Roselle goes by many names, including but not limited to:

  • Red sorrel
  • Jamaican sorrel
  • Florida cranberry
  • Sorrel (not to be confused with true/common sorrel)
  • Karkadeh (Arabic)
  • Chin baung (Burmese)
  • Luoshen hua (Chinese)
  • ìsápá/ishapa (Yoruba)
  • Yakuwa/zobo (Hausa)
  • Ashwe (Tiv)
  • Saril (Central America)

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