Cookbook:Le Tourin (Garlic Soup)

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Le Tourin (Garlic Soup)
CategorySoup recipes
Time30 minutes

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Le tourin is a type of garlic soup. This recipe is from the village of Le Fleix in Dordogne.


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  1. In a frying pan, brown the chopped garlic in the olive oil.
  2. Add the flour. Mix well, then cook for a few minutes to remove the floury taste.
  3. Gradually stir in the water, and cook for 10 minutes.
  4. Beat the egg white in a small bowl. Gradually whisk in a ladleful of the soup to temper it, then stir the mixture back into the soup pot.
  5. Combine the egg yolk, pepper, and vinegar in a small bowl. Like before, gradually temper the yolks with a ladleful of soup.
  6. Remove the soup from the heat, and stir in the egg yolk mixture. Season to taste with salt.
  7. Place thin slices of bread in each soup bowl, and pour the soup on top. Serve hot.

Notes, tips, and variations

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  • You can optionally use an equal mixture of chopped onions and garlic.