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Pacific herring

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A herring is a type of small oily fish found in the temperate, shallow waters of the North Atlantic. A smaller variant lives in the Baltic Sea.

Herring can be cooked in the usual ways for small fish - fried, grilled or baked.

Herrings can also be pickled and served in a sour cream sauce.

A kipper is a split and smoked herring, and a bloater is a whole smoked herring. Both are staples of British cuisine.

A typical Dutch delicacy is raw herring (actually enzyme-cured) with raw shredded onions. To stop parasites, the herring has to be deep-frozen before the curing process.

In Sweden, Baltic herring is fermented to make surströmming. Herring soup is also a traditional soup.

In Germany, North Sea herring is pickled to make Matjes, or soused herring.

A rollmop is a cured herring fillet, rolled up and preserved in vinegar which is flavoured with onions and spices.