Cookbook:Cuisine of Zambia

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  • Kalembula (sweet potato leaves)
  • Chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves)
  • Lumanda
  • Katapa (casava leaves)
  • Bondwe
  • Ifisashi (varying vegetables mixed with peanuts)
  • Delele (okra)


  • Zigolo (sugar, salt and water)
  • Chibwantu (what sweet dreams are made of)

Edible Insects[edit]

  • Inswa (flying termites)
  • Fulufute
  • Finkubala

Game Meat[edit]

  • Buffalo


  • Chikanda (African polony)
  • Viwaya (roasted maize seeds)
  • Mabesi
  • Kajese (porridge with milk)
  • Kandolo yaku sashila (sweet potatoes with peanut butter)