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The Czech cuisine has a rich tradition of dumplings and pastries. It is usually not very friendly to the waistline, though very friendly to the taste buds and sweet teeth.

Czech recipes and dishes[edit]

  • Sauce Dishes
    • Svíčková omáčka (Mixed vegetables and cream sauce)
    • Koprová omáčka (Dill sauce)
    • Houbová omáčka (Mushroom sauce)
  • Soups
    • Bramboračka (Potato soup)
    • Česnečka (Garlic soup)
    • Zelňačka (Cabbage soup)
    • Gulášová (Goulash soup)
    • Kulajda
    • Kyselo

History of Czech cuisine[edit]

  • Hussite and Post-Hussite cuisine
    • Severin cookbook
    • Kantor cookbook
  • Modern national cuisine