Cookbook:Boiled Ona (Nigerian Boiled Bitter Yam)

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Boiled Ona (Nigerian Boiled Bitter Yam)
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Ona, also known as esuru in Yoruba tribe and bitter yam in English is a typical Nigerian food commonly consumed by Igbo people. It is served with palm oil, egg sauce or pepper stew.


[edit | edit source]
  • Ona (bitter yam)
  • Water
  • Salt to taste


[edit | edit source]
  1. Cut the bitter yam into chunks, and remove the skin.
  2. Rinse the yam chunks, then transfer to a pot and cover with water.
  3. Peel, rinse and add salt to taste.
  4. Add salt to taste, and boil until soft.
  5. Drain the bitter yam, and serve with egg sauce, palm oil or pepper sauce.