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So, I suppose what you are all thinking is 'what is Metaphysics!?' Well, metaphysics is part of theology that examines the key nature of reality. For, example, it examines the difference between possibility and reality and about the relationship of the mind and real stuff. It tries to find answers to what existing is and the different types of reality by answering 'what is real' and 'what is real stuff like'.

Existence[edit | edit source]

Are grapes real objects!?

Probably one of the most important questions in philosophy is 'what is real?'

There is no right or wrong answer, but the answer will probably change your world.

One needs to decide;

  • what do my people believe is actually there?

to decide this, consider;

  • are things they think real?
  • do they think objects are just imaginary?
  • do they think they are just an object? A dream? If not, what do they think they are?
  • How do they group stuff; what is real/imaginary/semi-real etc.?

For example, one could decide 'nothing is real, it is all a dream' or 'everything is real only because we feel/see/hear /taste/smell it'.

Now, you have to decide; what are the 'real' things; why are they real why other things are not?

Time[edit | edit source]

Cause and effect[edit | edit source]

Possibility[edit | edit source]