Concurrent Engineering/Additional Resources

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European Space Agency Concurrent Design Facility or CDF,submitted by Peter Burke.

Comments on how experts think differently from non-experts, submitted by Peter Burke.

"Managing Your Team",submitted by Joseph Lutnesky

"Team Building and Teamwork", submitted by Joseph Lutnesky

Anderson, David, "Design for Manufacturability & Concurrent Engineering", ISBN 1878072234

Moore, Geoffrey A., "Crossing the Chasm" submitted by Peter Burke

  • The needs for concurrent engineering vary, depending on where a product is in its life cycle.

MEEP - Concurrent engineering course materials from "The Manufacturing Engineering Education Partnership" Penn State, U. Puerto Rico, U. Washington, and Sandia

Kepner-Tregoe - Charles. H. Kepner & Benjamin B. Tregoe "The New Rational Manager" Princeton Research Press, Princeton, New Jersey, submitted by Peter Burke

  • Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. is a 50-year old company specializing in consulting and training directed toward solving a wide variety of problems, using a rational, analytical approach. Their book is a useful tutorial, dividing thought processes into four basic questions and presenting tools to help answer each question.
    • What is going on? (Situation Analysis, page 169)
    • Why did this happen? (Problem Analysis, page 26)
    • What course of action should we take? (Decision Analysis, page 85)
    • What lies ahead? (Potential Problem (Opportunity) Analysis, page 165)
  • I went through a KT training session years ago and two concepts, IS/IS NOT and MUST/WANT, are permanently and usefully embedded in my thinking:
    • IS/IS NOT – Look at both sides of a situation. Think about what is not going wrong as well as what is.
    • MUST/WANT – prioritize the desired outcomes of a decision or program into those you must have and those you want but can probably do without.
  • If you like trouble-shooting and travel, KT might be a good outfit to work for.