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Computer Animation

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Many people are interested in the field of computer animation. Some see animations on the web, such as the excellent political satires on jibjab.com, and wonder how they could create their own. Others with an interest in film wonder if this new field could help their own amateur film-making efforts (even if they don't expect to be able to create The Incredibles on their home PC).

The field is attractive as a hobby to many creative amateurs, however it can quickly become discouraging due to the relative scarcity of introductory material, and the steep learning curve. This wikibook is intended to act as a gathering point for information on the subject currently scattered around wikipedia.

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

  1. Computer Generated Imagery
    Some background and history.
  2. What You Should Know About Copyright
    Why copyright is an important consideration before you start.
  3. Getting Started
    Equipment and software.
  4. Types Of Animation
    File type rather than genre.