Communication Networks/Glossary

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Access Point
A layer 1 device that interconnects a wireless network with a wired network.
A layer 2 device that interconnects two or more existing networks.
A multi-layer device that makes decisions on what data to forward on to its destination, and what data to block from its destination.
A layer 1 device that physically connects two or more network devices together. Similar to a switch, but less efficient. Every device receives and sends to and from every other device connected to the hub.
A collection of two or more devices which are interconnected using common protocols to exchange data.
Any device connected to a network.
Any agreed upon standard used for communication.
Request for Comments (RFC)
A specification of an internet standard or protocol.
A layer 3 device that decides how to forward a packet based on its desired destination.
A layer 2 device that logically connects two or more devices in a network for more isolated communication. Some devices sold as switches are also capab