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Old folks may very well remember the first incarnation of the telephone networks, where an operator sitting at a desk would physically connect different wires to transmit a phone call from one house to another house. The days however when an operator at a desk could handle all the volume and all the possibilities of the telephone network are over. Now, automated systems connect wires together to transmit calls from one side of the country to another almost instantly.

What is Circuit-Switching?[edit | edit source]

Circuit switching is a mechanism of assigning a predefined path from source node to destination node during the entire period of connection. Plain old telephone system (POTS) is a well known example of analogue circuit switching.

Strowger Switch[edit | edit source]

Strowger Switch is the first automatic switch used in circuit switching. Prior to that all switching was done manually by operators working at various exchanges. It is named after its inventor Almon Brown Strowger.

Cross-Bar Switch[edit | edit source]

Telephony[edit | edit source]

This is a telephone thing

Telephone Network[edit | edit source]

Rotary vs Touch-Tone[edit | edit source]

Cellular Network Introduction[edit | edit source]

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