Common Intermediate Language

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Common Intermediate Language (CIL) is a low-level programming language defined by the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) specification and is used in both the .NET Framework and Mono. This Wikibook is meant to be both an introduction to CIL and a useful reference.


Getting Started 75% developed 
Writing and compiling a simple "Hello, World!" program.


Basic Syntax 0% developed 
The basic syntax of CIL.
Variables 0% developed 
Creating and using variables.
Methods 0% developed 
Declaring and calling methods.
Exception Handling 0% developed 
Catching and throwing errors.


Stack 50% developed
Arithmetic 0% developed
Control Flow 0% developed
Logic 0% developed

Classes and Objects[edit]

Classes 0% developed
Visibility Modifiers 0% developed
Enumerations 0% developed
Interfaces 0% developed
Value Types 0% developed
Attributes 0% developed
Namespaces 0% developed
Inheritance 0% developed
More Modifiers 0% developed
Generics 0% developed
Garbage Collection and Object Lifetimes 0% developed

Advanced Topics[edit]

Code Generation 0% developed
Marshalling and Unmanaged Code 0% developed