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Before using Co-Life[edit | edit source]

  1. Start your browser and link to . Please register first and login.
  2. Set up your contact list and group.
  3. After creating your contact list, your can use it.

How to start a meeting[edit | edit source]

  1. Start your browser and link to . Then input your ID and click submit.

meeting management[edit | edit source]

(1) Join exist meeting:

Click Meeting to see the meeting list and click the meeting's name you wan to join. Than you can the see the description of this meeting. If you want to join this one, click Enter.

(2) Create a new meeting

click meeting on the top of this web to link to the calendar of meeting. Choose a date and click new to add a new meeting. (You will be the chairman of this meeting if you create it.)

Enter the information of this meeting and choose members or groups. Then click Add.

After creating a new meeting, you will see your meeting on the meeting list. You can click the name of your meeting to edit or delete it .

videoconferencing[edit | edit source]

(1) After pressing Enter, the meeting window pop out. There are attendee list, chatroom and video frame.

(2) click the video and voice button to turn on/off video and voice.

(3) You can see everyone's status on attendee list. The chairman can turn on/off attendee's voice and video.

(4) Chairman can use Mute to silence all microphone to avoid noise or echo.

(5) If you wan to share file to other people, press File, share file. Then choose the file you want to share from your computer. Everyone can receive a message to save it or not.

Share Desktop[edit | edit source]

(1) The chairman of this meeting can share her/his desktop (slide show) to every member.

(2) share member's desktop: attendee can choose My Desktop to share it. Chairman can see this desktop on her/his list. After the chairman choose the desktop everyone can see it.

e-White board[edit | edit source]

This feature allows the members of the meeting to show something by painting it on an e-White board. Only the chairman has a right to open it. When it is open, every member is free to use it.