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Montejunto, Montejunto Sesimbra, Sesimbra
Rock Type GPS Location for main access
Limestone Condomínio Fechado: 38.428985, -9.177525

(38°25'44.4"N 9°10'39.1"W)

Cova Mijona: 38.425625, -9.182952

(38°25'32.2"N 9°10'58.6"W)


Condomínio Fechado should be avoided from December to April (inclusive) because of bird nidification of the Eurasian eagle-owl.

How to get there[edit]

The best way to get there is to follow directions towards "Azóia, Sesimbra" and when entering the village of Azóia, then follow the directions for the football field of Azóia. The GPS exact coordinates for the access road are described above. For the Cova Mijona and Varandas sectors you can park the car near the football field. For Condomínio Fechado, please park opposite to the house at the main access.

Climbing Sectors[edit]

Azóia has two main climbing sectors, Cova Mijona and Condomínio Fechado. Cova Mijona loosely translated reads the Pissing Cave as the main feature is a small cave where the hard overhanging routes starts. Condomínio Fechado is characterized by an abandoned set of house with a small wall around that give the sector its name, "Gated Community".

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