Climate Change/Mitigation Strategies/Alternative Energy

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"Green" Roofs[edit]

"Green roofs" refers to growing plants on the top of roofs of buildings. There are several different methods for implementing green roofs. Green roofs have been wide spread in Europe and especially in Germany. Now the concept of green roofs is starting to spread in the USA. Egypt has started a green roofs initiative as well but uses a different method for implementing green roofs.


Space Efficiency
Except from keeping rain and sun off a building's occupants, roof space is essentially wasted. Green roofing makes use of this wasted space.
Air purification
Plants absorb pollution from the air. Growing plants on the roof of a building contributes to improved air quality in the surrounding city. Obviously, green roofing will have a larger effect on air quality if it is employed in a widespread manner.
Aesthetic appeal
Even urban humans generally retain an aesthetic appreciation for being surrounded by plants. Green roofs can add a serene communal space to a building.
Food supply
Green roofing can be used as a source of vegetables and other edible plants.

Solar Panels[edit]

Personal Wind Turbines[edit]