Classroom Management and Discipline/Handling Young Kids

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  • High five
  • High five, down low, no, too slow
  • Wax lips or the glasses that have the eyes pop out
  • Pretend phone calls with a banana--hello, it is for you
  • Be Gallagher—splat fruit with a hammer
  • Play mad scientist—get bottles of things that look or smell cool and pour away—such as Alka-Selzer or those bath tablets
  • Bob Marley (reggae is the backbone of having fun)
  • Smoke from your finger tips—that you get from the same store that sells gum that turns your mouth blue and whoopee cushions
  • Blow up a balloon, start to hand to child then let it go dance across the room crazily
  • Those hair clips that are big now fit neatly on your wrist or a child's and make great teeth when you are a lion or tiger—they are also fun for "talking" when you squeeze and release them like a puppet
  • Borrow magic tricks: pull a candy out of his ear.
  • Electroshock (simulated please!): use your fists as 'shock pads' anywhere on his body - or have him do it to you and get very silly.
  • Crack an egg on his head: no, not a real egg! - one fist on top, hit it with the palm of your other hand, then both hands 'dribble' down his face - yuk!
  • Hot hands": his hands on yours, he has to pull them away before you can slap them.
  • Hand game: hand over hand over hand over hand - flat or on a pole, as you would do when choosing 'firsts' with a baseball bat.
  • Achey breaky heart
  • Put tape over your mouth and try to talk—or pretend you're trying to keep your hand from covering your mouth but can't.
  • Thumb wrestle
  • Wear a hooded sweatshirt with a draw string and make your head disappear as you tighten string. ask child to help to get you out.
  • Hand grenade deliverance of primary reinforcers. instead of giving an M&M, pretend to send it through the air with a whistling sound til it gets to child's mouth then explodes (i.e. you make exploding sound)
  • Pick up telephone—it's for you, (child)—add in dialogue.