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Getting Them In On It The First Day![edit]

The first time you meet them, lay down the rules of the class. That way you get to know the different personalities you have. But do not rush too soon to start laying down the rules because you obviously will meet with your first rule breaker. Slacken a bit on the first day, but as the class progresses, show you mean business.

Also, find ways to warm up to them. Make them want to enjoy your class. Give them reasons why what you are teaching them is important to them. Of course not all of them will be glad that they are there. Who knows maybe when they hear something that interests them in your introduction, they will warm up to the class.

Classroom Rules[edit]

You will have to keep saying the rules and applying the consequences of breaking them. But you also have to make it not too rigid or too lax. Let them know who is in charge. Do not lose your classroom.

Classroom Routines[edit]

Your Pro-Social Classroom Society[edit]