Clarinet/Intermediate/Double Tonguing

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With a single reed instrument, double tonguing is very hard to do efficiently. That includes that clarinet. With that said, double tonguing is a skill that will not work well on the clarinet. However, it does have its benefits. . If you are up to the challenge of double tonguing, here is how to do it.

  • Just like you can demonstrate tonguing by saying "ta-ta-ta-ta-ta", etc., yo can demonstrate double tonguing by saying "tu-gu-tuh-ga-tuh-ga-tuh-ga-tuh-ga", etc.
  • Go back in forth between saying tuh and guh. Do it enough to get used to it. "tuh kuh tuh kuh tuh kuh tuh kuh"
  • Just put you instrument up to your mouth and blow saying "tuh kuh tuh kuh tuh kuh".
  • This might take some practice.