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Having a good instrument is an important part of being a clarinet player. Good instruments help improve your tone and make register jumps easier. A beginner should start with a plastic or resin instrument, and more advanced players should upgrade to a wood instrument.

Brands[edit | edit source]

There are many well known clarinet brands to choose from. For student instruments, Jupiter, Backun, Yamaha or Selmer instruments are very good starting points. Buffet is well known for creating high-quality professional instruments, but Buffets are far more expensive in general.

Specific models[edit | edit source]

Beginner[edit | edit source]

Jean Paul USA CL-300

Mendini Cecilio MCT

Buffet Prodige

Yamaha YCL-255

Jupiter JCL700N

Backun Alpha

Intermediate[edit | edit source]

Yamaha YCL-550AL

Buffet E13

Backun Bravo

Professional[edit | edit source]

Buffet RC

Buffet R13

Yamaha SEVR