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How Do I Get Enhancements?[edit | edit source]

There are four ways to obtain enhancements. First, it is possible to receive an enhancement from another player. High level players will often give away high level enhancements as they pass through low level zones on their way to a mission. Often these gifts are a reward for well written bio or a well designed costume. Please don't beg; it only annoys people. You may also receive enhancements as a reward for completing a task force or a story arc. The enhancement will always match your origin, either as a DO or an SO, and you will be able to choose from a limited menu of enhancements. The third, and much more common, method of obtaining enhancements is by defeating villains. Every time you defeat a villain, or are on a team which does, there is a chance that you will receive an enhancement. The enhancement is usually the same level as the villain, give or take one level. You are less likely to receive enhancements from villains who are below your level, and more likely to receive them from villains who are higher than your level. Up through level 14, all enhancement drops will be Training Enhancements. Dual Origin (DO) enhancements begin to appear at level 15, and become more common at higher levels. SO enhancements start to drop around level 22. Even at level 50, you will still sometimes receive a Training Enhancement. Unfortunately, most dropped enhancements will not be useful except to sell for influence. The final method of getting enhancements is to buy them in the stores. Shopping is the only way to guarantee that you receive something you can use.

Which Villain Drops Which Enhancement?[edit | edit source]

All villains will sometimes drop TO enhancements. On rare occasions, just about anybody could drop almost anything. Here are the standard drops for each villain group:

Hellion and Skull: Training Enhancements only

Clockwork: Tech/Natural DO

Vahzilok: Mutant/Science DO

Circle of Thorns: Natural/Magic DO, Magic SO



Tsoo: Mutant/Magic DO



Banished Pantheon: Magic/Natural DO

Freakshow: Natural/Tech DO, Tech SO


Sky Raiders: Tech/Science DO

Council: Mutant/Magic DO, Mutant SO



Devouring Earth: Science/Mutant DO, Science SO

Nemesis: Tech/Natural DO, Tech SO



Where Can I Buy Enhancements?[edit | edit source]

You can buy enhancements from your regular contacts, from stores, and from special contacts. At first, you'll probably be shopping with the Freedom Corps Field Trainers, found in Atlas Park, Galaxy City, and a single one in Skyway City. Another option is buying from contacts. The more missions you do for them, the more enhancements they will offer to you. There are no stores in King's Row, or any of the Hazard Zones, like Perez Park and the Hollows. Steel Canyon, Skyway City, Talos, and Independence Port have stores where you can buy and sell enhancements. Each store deals with enhancements for one Origin. At higher levels, there are special contacts who will sell enhancements, one contact per origin. You must complete a mission in order to buy enhancements from one of these contacts. For the highest level heroes, there is one contact who sells enhancements for all origins. The easiest way to find the stores and special contacts is to check the maps on